About Us

The Story 

Ben & Jackee De Campo founded their male brand, Milkman Grooming Co. in 2014. In the years that followed, what started as a home-brew beard itch-relief remedy, turned absolute Ebay success – became and remains one of Australia’s most sought after male grooming brands.

In early 2017, pharmaceutical scientist/co-founder Ben brewed a soap free shave gel for men. During the pre-launch process he, Jackee and a bunch of friends tested the product. Feedback from husbands, boyfriends and brothers was dominated by feedback from wives, girlfriends and sisters. “You’ve got to make a version of this product for women”. After a quick market/shower check, it became apparent, other than your hair conditioner, a bar of soap or your household males shaving gel, there was slim pickings in the female leg care market for quality, cost-effective female products that actually worked.

Alas, Ben and his team modified the shave gel formulation, packing it with botannicals for the ladies and their sensitive skin. Jackee set out to source a life altering 6-blade stainless steel cartridge razor to deliver a cactus-free, problem-free, standard of shaving. With the first collection complete, this game changer for the ladies was born.

Our Aim 

Perfect PINNS will get you moving.
It’s no secret rashes, dry skin and cactus legs, discourage confidence, define outfit choices and put a hold on comfort during a daily routine.
PINNS delivers top of the line, wallet friendly, skin-loving products that leave pinns, pits & private bits, feeling happy, hydrated and ultra-smooth.
Because we want you to be free to live life on your terms.

Subscription Service

It’s a self-prescribed habitual addiction, no woman can deny. OMG, a package, for me? From me! How have I been so blessed?!
Perhaps your looking to save some penny’s or receive more than one parcel a month. Why not get a PINNS subscription to receive a razor + gel pack as you please?
You’ll just select your products, set the payment up once, define the regularity at which you would like a box sent, and never be caught with cactus legs again.