Pinn Pack

PACKED WITH PERFECTION 300mL clear shave gel + 2 handles + 8 refills = seriously #perfectpinns.
It’s a Prince Harry meets Meghan Markle, Ryan Reynolds meets Blake Lively, match made in heaven. An all in one pack, for an eternity of PINNS of perfection. Complete with 1 x 300mL of our Clear(-ly better) Shave Gel and 2 x Vera Razors, with a total of eight 6-bladed cartridges. Our Clear(-ly better) Shave Gel is Australian made, vegan & cruelty free. Meticulously packed with aromatic botanicals of aloe vera, peppermint, chamomile and green tea. Leaving your pinns, pits & bikini bits feeling soothed, smoothed & ultra moisturised. The Vera Razor is made with 6-bladed Swedish stainless steel. Ensuring a super close, irritation-free, effective shave. Each cartridge is stripped with aloe vera & skin healing Vitamin E. A little extra touch, leaving your skin feeling healthy, happy & hydrated at the end of every shave.

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