Spending Valentines Day Alone - check out these 5 Tips!

January 24, 2019

With V-Day just around the corner, if you’re not in a relationship or ‘seeing’ somebody, you may be feeling a bit sad or alone. But c’mon, its literally not the end of the world. Trust me! Far from it.

If you’re a single lady like myself, let’s turn the day into a reminder of the importance of self-love and finding comfort in being alone. But ‘HOW?!’ you may ask? Read my tips below! 

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Let’s get summer ready!

November 17, 2018

Healthy Hair Pinns

I know what you’re thinking, but this isn’t just another blog post telling you how to “get a six pack in just six minutes!!!!!” or “lose an unhealthy amount of weight in a super short amount of time!!!!”. No, no. While I think most women can admit to reading articles along those lines and even tried a few of them out before giving up and realising “this is SH!T, I’d rather just be ‘fat’ than hold a plank or eat a bowl of ice cubes for every meal”. This is about getting your body prepped for the change in season, so you can transition with ease, no matter what shape you are.

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The Best 5 Australian Subscription Boxes this Christmas!

November 10, 2018

Pinns shaving subscription

In case you’ve been living under a rock or been M.I.A for the past 5 years (in which case, welcome back), we are currently living in the generation where everything and anything can be ordered online and delivered right to your door. Welcome to e-commerce! From groceries and gadgets to shoes and stove cleaner, clothes to condoms, soon we may never have to leave the house. Well, unless the posty leaves a bloody collection card 😒

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Bulky Bullsh!t - My top 4 exercises to stay fit and lean

October 28, 2018

Pinns Boxing

When I was younger, I used to be an avid gym junkie. I would be in the gym every day without fail, sometimes going up to nine times a week. This was my obsession and I know the main reason for this new obsession was the escape from other things going on in my life and the rewarding feeling from the endorphins after a workout.

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Afternoon De-lite (sugar hit - I think NOT)

October 24, 2018

Pinns sugar hit

Sugar. We all love it and as much as we may try and avoid it, it often finds its way into our diet. While some might joke that they have an ‘addiction’ to sugar, this may actually be a real thing! When we consume sugar, opioids and dopamine are released, similar to many addictive drugs.

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How to get the perfect fake tan

October 08, 2018

tanned legs with clear shave gel & 6 blade razors
As a little girl, I loved the outdoors. Swimming, playing sport, riding my bike, all those fun things kids did before hand-held technologies and smart TVs ruled. However, as my dad is Irish, lathering myself head to toe in sunscreen was an unnegotiable part of a summers day routine...

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8 steps to get great legs for summer and lose those ingrown hairs!

September 13, 2018

Pinns exfoliation

Finally, after one of the seemingly longest Australian winters in history, we are starting to see some warmer days! So, it’s time to de-fuzz those pretty little legs of ours and show them to the world. 

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Friendships - How do we make them? and how do we make them last

August 15, 2018

pinns friendships

Friendship. It seems like such a simple social construct, but when you delve just a little bit deeper, you’ll see that it’s a complex and often bewildering part of our lives. Fundamentally, us crazy humans thrive on healthy relationships of all kinds, and friendship is far and above one of the most important types of relationship that we can experience in our lifetime.

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How do you prepare for a job interview? 3 Steps to get you there.

July 02, 2018

Having a job interview is exciting, you have ‘won’ from a pile of hundreds if not thousands of CV’s to get the first interview however once the excitement fades, the nerves can creep in too.  No matter the reasoning, it is important to prepare for the interview and brushing up on some of the following interview skills should help you prepare for appointment!  This could be the start to your new LIFE!

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Be the envied one with our top 10 exercises for leg and butt definition

June 21, 2018

As women we all want sexy legs and hot butts. But alas, we are not all Jennifer Hawkins. Some of us have to work really hard to get half decent Pinns™ that we’re proud to show off.

Legs and butts tend to be the first things that “go” as we age. Little bits of cellulite creep in and fat stores tend to migrate south right where we don’t want them to go. 

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Social Media is a LOT like a Dinner Party, 5 ways to protect yourself

June 20, 2018

Picture this: You’re at a dinner party with every single person you’ve ever met. People you’ve worked with, old classmates from school, relatives and more.  

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5 ways water consumption can improve your skin

April 01, 2018

Water is truly the lifeblood of humanity. The human body comprises of 60% water and links to how we function both on a cellular and physical level.

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